Wireless RFID Keypad



  1. Compatible for any Chuango alarm systems
  2. Password validation enhances security
  3. Support for RFID cards, tags and 125KHz passive transponders
  4. Transmit distance : 80m (in open area)



How to use


Thank you for purchasing KP-700 wireless keyboard. password on the keyboard, you can easily achieve maximum security, disarm, home fortification and other operations. Meanwhile, the keyboard can also be supporting the electric locks, as the office, home access use. When the user leaves, just close the door, electric locks automatically locked; If user want into the room, just enter your password and press [disarm] key on the keyboard, or through another optional RFID card swipe disarm and turn electronically controlled lock, you can easily open the door, very convenient.




Transmission range: 40 metres (open area)
Transmission range: 30 metres (through two walls)
Battery Type:  3 x AAA Alkaline
Battery life: 1 year
Battery Type:  3 x AAA Lithium
Battery life: 3 years