GR-200DC, antelope operator, it is like the name it calls. Adopting DC motor, it provides the high efficiency and transmission to active the turning both open and
close in fast speed. In addition, there is also the protection for over-heating function when the temperature is hot.

As for the controller, it is developed by latest digital accessories to make it so that operation in open and close can be managed well intellectually.

Thus, GR-200DC is the common operator which can be applied by many different public spots. Fabricator can also free adjust any idea function from its micro-computer controller in order to matching the requirement for every public spots.



1.Automatic return device

2.Multi-function control system comfiguration

3.Device strong lock function stable noise-free

4.Small frictional resistance, longlife



Function Single Bi-parting
Loading weight 90kgs ~120kgs. 150kgs. (75kgs x 2)
Specification / size DW=400~1500 mm DW=400~1500 mm x2
Speed in open / close 200~550mm /sec close/open can be adjusted
Micro-computer controller Super-compact design in controller block with 8 digital
Driving belt 7.5M with teeth (width 15m/m)
Hold opening time 0.1 ~ 10 seconds
Slow speed 3~6cm/sec/leaf (adjustable)
Safety protection Automatic open when meets obstacle in open or close
Average consume voltage 100 W
Motor starting power 140watt
Temperature range -20 degree C to 50 degree
Manual opening force below 4.5 kgs.
Power active AC 110v ~ AC220v 50/60 Hz
Application Supermarket, shopping mall, front-store, hospital, bank, Hotel, office, airport
Optional peripheral accessories Functional selector, safety beam sensor, password lock, Electric-lock, touch sensor, buzzer, remote control