Multi Beam IR Sensor Aid-420

Product Description

Protect your property from intruders, with the Multi-beam Infrared Intruder Sensors from Chuango. The Aid-420 infrared sensor is ideal to mount on fences, balconies or garage doors. The AID-420 sensors work wonderfully in outdoor environments and detect acts of intrusion via. invisible infrared beams. Through advanced technology and algorithms, only objects over a certain size would trigger an alarm with an instantaneous alert to your smartphone, minimizing false alarms. Completely wireless and battery-powered, Chuango AID-420 stands on guard for you in disguise, and the unique power-saving mode means up to 3 years of care-free, worry-free battery life.


Model Number: AID-420

  • Wire-free, worry-free, wireless communications
  • Battery-powered: 3 years on standby
  • Detection range: 6-10 meters
  • Weatherproofed for outdoor use
  • Ideal for balconies,backyards,fences,window/door sides
  • Transmit distance:
  • Radio frequency: 433MHz
  • 1 year warranty