AirWheel Q3

Maximun Speed About 18 km/h-11mph ( alert activated at 12km/h-7.5mph )
Range per Charge 18- 65km / 11- 40miles(may vary with rider’ weight road condition and temperature)
Safe Climbing Angle About 15°( riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)
Battery 130/170/260/340Wh Lithium ( protection board with SOC equalization)
Temperature -10℃~40℃ (best at 20℃-30℃)
Weight Limit 120Kg
Charge Voltage AC 220V 50-60Hz /AC 110V
Charge Time 130Wh : 90 min (80% charged in 60min)
170Wh :120min (80% charged in 80min)
260Wh : 180mln (80% charged in 90min)
340Wh · 250m in (80% charged in 160min)
Size Height 518mm, Length 408mm, Thickness200mm
Foot Platform Height 115mm
Tire Size Diameter 360mm
Main Body Weight 13.7 kg
Standard Charger. Extended Air Pump Nozzle, Training Belt
Optional LED Laser Light . Pressure Gauge